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PCI Services offers a full range of main automation contractor services catering to international clients. Founded in Canada in 2004 with a vision to simplify compressor controllers, our owners realized the same smart, simple project execution strategies would benefit our customers on all of their process control integration projects.

With experience working in over 18 countries around the globe, we have the ability to work in any environment and abide by any standards. Our clients expect quality and efficiency when they work with us.

Automation and Services

AIS offers a wide range of automation project services operating out of Russia since 2013. Sharing project execution processes, technical knowledge and personnel with our sister company allowed us to quickly leverage ourselves as a lead automation service provider in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

With experience providing control system engineering, design and commissioning in many large facilities throughout Russia, we have proven to our clients that we think and work differently than our competitors.

Ladoga Systems

Ladoga Systems began operations in St. Petersburg in 2016. Our company is enjoying much success and growth in both the industrial and commercial markets, designing and installing electrical and instrumentation systems.

Our employees use creative ideas and their technical abilities to provide modern design solutions and high quality installations in significantly less time.

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